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Latest Projects

Web Design Service

ACT Storage
A Lanarkshire-based storage company with space for all types of storage from small office equipment to cars and boats.

Alpha Ecology
A new site for Alpha Ecology, Ecological Consultants to Building Contractors, Councils and others.

Web Design

We try to keep to the "KISS!" principle - Keep It Simple, Stupid! This approach aids in providing an aesthetic and easily navigable site - uncluttered, and easy to use - allowing your customers to find the information they want.

We offer bespoke design and template customisation services. The bespoke design service allows you a greater degree of control/flexibility over your site's design whilst the template service is more-or-less a "you get what you see" approach where the site's structure is prepurchased and customised by ourselves. If you are interested in the template approach we recommend the templates at Scottish Templates. For additional information relating to either service please feel free to contact us.

Our design projects are priced on an individual basis rather than a "price per page"; we believe each customers' sites are as individual as they are. All we ask is a non-refundable deposit, with the final payment expected upon completion of the site construction and upload to the web.

We take time with you to discuss your business and to gain an overview of the project before making a quotation. We then provide an initial quotation based upon the preliminary information you supply. If changes are made to the inital information you provide, and we believe that this entails additional work, then quotations would have to be reviewed, and we would warn you of this.

Printing and Publishing

We have also entered the world of publishing and can offer quotations on a number of publishing products from business cards to Magnetic Calendars and Customised Paper Clips. If you have any interest in these products please feel free to enquire into our expanding range.

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